Sowing the Sesame Seeds of Love

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The highlight of our week is that very special time that always comes at the end of preparing a batch, our favorite moment – the tasting. And at every tasting, Boaz says the same thing: “It’s just so good.”

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He was mostly used to eating it as an add-on ingredient with hummus. When he was diagnosed with colitis back in 2006 and could not consume many (especially fibrous) foods, he went to a nutritionist, who

advised him to eat tahini with everything he ate.

She explained that being easily digestible and very high in protein and good nutrients, tahini would promote fast healing and would strengthen his digestive system. As the raw tahini paste is pretty thick in consistency and not that tasty by itself, Boaz started experimenting by adding different natural ingredients to it to make it a delicious, ready-to-serve tahini.

After many years of experimentation, he came up with the winning recipe, which only includes the ground sesame seed paste, and just the right proportions of green herbs and other 100% natural ingredients.

Not only did the Green Tahini nurse Boaz back to health, it was so delicious that our entire family all became addicted to it.

Our two daughters enjoy it the most with chips and carrots, or as a spread on their cheese or turkey sandwiches. We use it as a salad dressing, put it on every sandwich we eat, marinade our fish or meat dishes with it, use it as a creamy sauce on rice or eggs…or just take it straight up! One of our favorite breakfast meals is to just have it on a rice cracker or toast with some really good coffee.

It’s a great, healthy replacement for mayonnaise, mustard or ketchup on hamburgers and hot dogs. It is especially great on kebabs!

After many years of making it for ourselves, friends, and family members, we received a lot of encouragement to share it with the wider Louisville/Boulder community. In August 2019, we started selling it at the Louisville Farmer’s Market. We were thrilled and encouraged by the reception it got there. For the upcoming 2020 market season, Green Tahini LLC is now an approved guest vendor at the Boulder County Farmers Market! We are so excited to continue to make and share our tahini with all of you for many years to come!

Can’t stop eating tahini,
Liz & Boaz
Co-owners, Green Tahini LLC

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