Food Safety Policy

Food Safety Is Our Top Priority.

Given the understandable concern over the recent rise of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to share our preventative measures and food safety policy. To ensure that our product is completely safe, now and always, we make and store our tahini in an approved commissary kitchen in Boulder. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the commissary kitchen has implemented heightened sanitation and disinfection procedures throughout the establishment, according to CDC and public health guidelines. Additionally, we have implemented a strict sanitation process of our jars and lids and adhere to the guidelines provided by our Food Protection Manager Certification. The only employees preparing and handling our product are Boaz and Liz, the co-owners of Green Tahini LLC.

Food Safety at the Farmers Markets 2020

When handling our tahini at the farmers' markets during the 2020 season, we will strictly adhere to the Boulder County Farmers Market food safety policies. One unfortunate but necessary restriction advised by the health department is to not offer samples at the market at this time. This will be in effect until further notice from the health department.

The markets will be equipped with extra hand-washing stations, sanitizer stations at the entrance and exits of the market with proper hygiene signage, and disinfectant wipes at the info booth to wipe down "high touch" objects regularly.

Our food handling policies at our own Green Tahini vendor booth incorporate important prevention steps that health officials strongly urge everyone to take, and adhere to CDC and local health department guidelines. Please see our three golden rules below.

BCFM COVID-19 Response

Our Three Golden Rules at the Farmers Markets 2020

Rule #1: Stop Transmitting Bacteria
Rule #2: Change Your Gloves Often
Rule #3: Wash Your Hands
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