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I like the way Green Tahini tastes, and it’s really good for you, too.

I love this tahini. Eating it makes me feel happy.

We love Green Tahini. It is creamy, rich and full of flavor. I put it on toast, use as a salad dressing or over roasted chicken. It is also a great base for dipping, if you have smoked eggplant (baba ganoush) or small pieces of roasted cauliflower.

Omgosh, I love it so much I haven’t gotten to use it with a recipe yet – I keep eating it out of the tub with carrots!

Green Tahini is AMAZING!! We put it on just about everything! Chicken and fish, over rice, dip for veggies or corn chips, or as a salad dressing. It’s our favorite ‘go to’ item in the fridge. We actually start to panic when we run out!

Wonderful cilantro/parsley combo!

Green tahini is a delicious, unique and healthy condiment. It tastes good on practically everything! I love it as a spread on English muffins, a dipping sauce for crispy potatoes, or even as a yummy vegan sour cream substitute on top of chili. The possibilities are endless!

I love putting the tahini on my salad. It’s so good that whatever else is on my plate, I end up dipping in the extra tahini, since I can’t help but put extra on!

I love this Green Tahini so much! It is so fresh – I can taste the purity and quality in ingredients. I eat only clean foods, and this makes me feel good. I use it as a snack on fresh tortilla or potato chips, on chicken and as a spread in burritos and sandwiches.

I love green tahini on my salad, and generally use it instead of any other condiment. It’s great on grilled veggies and fish, or a simple crudités. I often find myself saying, ‘I wish I had some tahina for that!’ Thanks for making such a yummy, healthy and original product!

I love this stuff!  It goes on everything — baked potatoes, rice, roasted veggies!

In our house, one container has a ‘shelf life’ of about 3 days and then it’s gone!

My daughter’s favorite sandwich is ciabatta with fresh mozzarella, pesto and greens.  I added green tahini to it and she loved it!

My mom added it to my favorite caprese sandwich and I loved it!

I think my husband is addicted! Can you have too much of a good thing?!? It’s the perfect dip in any snacking situation!

It’s the perfect dip in any snacking situation!

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